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宅配便送料無料 値下げ HLY





▷ Welcome to my shop. Various styles of chandeliers are available for your choice. If you need more home appliances and decorative lights, you can search for [HLY] on Amazon and buy in my store. thank you for your support! ! !Product description:】

When you get home from get off work, you press the light switch and there is only a faint light. When you want to host a party at home, you suddenly find that the lamps are very old. When night falls in the room, do you want the light to disperse the darkness?

Come to our store, choose a satisfactory lamp to take home. After get off work comes home, it is warm sunshine. At parties, they are a light of praise from friends. Let you be born again in the light, don't be afraid of darkness or loneliness.

If you can't find a satisfactory lamp now, please rest assured, please feel free to pay attention to our store. We have been researching lamps for more than 20 years, and new lamps come out every day. Maybe tomorrow, there will be lights to make you shine, you like it very much.

Item:】 Recessed downlight / LED Ceiling Lamps / Spotlights/Panel Ceiling Lights

Style:】 Modern,Europen Fashion

Main material:】 Aluminum

Size:】 You can refer to dimension drawings

5W:】 Diameter:】 86mm, Height:】 68mm, Borehole Size:】 70mm-75mm

7W:】 Diameter:】 86mm, Height:】 68mm, Borehole Size:】 70mm-75mm

10W:】 Diameter:】 110mm, Height:】 65mm, Borehole Size:】 90mm-95mm

15W:】 Diameter:】 140mm, Height:】 80mm, Borehole Size:】 145mm-150mm

20W:】 Diameter:】 140mm, Height:】 80mm, Borehole Size:】 145mm-150mm

Color:】 White

Item Weight:】 127g

Light Sources:】 LED

Power:】 5W , 7W , 10W , 15W , 20W

Voltage:】110V~240V (inclusive)

Lighting Color:】 Warm Light , Natural Light , White Light

Luminous angle:】 100% astigmatism

Dimmable:】 Without

Light Direction:】 Without

Include or exclude light bulbs:】 Include light bulb


マフラー レディース カシミヤフリンジスカーフ100%カシミヤ, ロングスカーフ, 厚手 無地 大判 ストールショール 肌触り良い巻いて羽織ってアレンジ自在 あったか起毛 暖かい 定番 (196x68cm)スカンジナビアスタイルのパターン821