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Sclintech ® is a USA based company, was established in 2015, which provides a full range of Clinical Operations, Clinical Data Management, Bio- statistics, Medical Writing and Programming Services on customer friendly business model. Sclintech ® closely works with the clients to access their needs and customize a business model tailor for satisfying their needs. Our experienced clinically and Bio-statistics data management teams are committed to maintaining. The projects of our clients on time and within the budget by monitoring the quality and study of the data real-time performance and providing meaningful feedback to the project team. Sclintech ® data management team will provide a Customized, Cost effective and Flexible approach to meet the data management needs.

Our Services

Clinical Trial Management can involve thousands of people, hundreds of investigative sites, multiple CROs and various clinical source systems - all generating huge amounts of data.
The process of managing documents and other types of information such as images from creation, review, storage to its dissemination.
The role of Bio-statistics is the key to the successful planning and execution of a development program. Bio-Statistics are referred as extracting and clean the data.

Medical writing is an integral part of clinical research. Our medical writers work closely with our colleagues in the Bio-statistic, Pharmacovigilance, Project management.
We are experts in patent filing, i.e. intellectual property in the areas of chemical, pharmaceutical, ethical and generic products, software and hardware, etc.
Sclintech ® has a experience with scanning and sorting of clinical records, HR Records, Bank documents, land records, legal documents....

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